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    Open Source Enterprise Material Planning System for Print,
    Label, Flexo, Packaging and related industries.


We believe that developing software is an art. Whether you need an app or a complete solution, there are countless ways by which you can go wrong. It takes decades of experience to navigate the technology landscape that has very few constants.

Many of our customers are first time adopters of custom solutions and our results speak for themselves. Our customers count on us to be discrete therefore we cannot disclose a lot.

A well designed custom solution is cost effective as it will make your employees more productive.

  • Apps or websites
  • Increased productivity
  • Risk Sharing
  • Money back if you are not happy

Enterprise Systems

Our PRIMAC ERP has been implemented at hundreds of plants world wide. Soon to be followed by the completely new PRIMAC-NESQ.


We can show you how a custom developed solution will make your team more productive than a commercial off the shelf (COTS) solution.


We have helped hundreds of companies in the past three decades, many of whome are first time adopters of enterprise systems.

PRIMAC ERP for Manufacturing

With more than a hundred implementations around the world, our Print Industry Management and Control (PRIMAC) MERP has been at the forefront at small and large multi-plant enterprises. PRIMAC ERP inlcudes a coplete set of tools to manage producton, inventory and financials. Deployed in virtually all segments of the printing industry, including, commercial sheetfed, high-volume commercial web publications, book publishing, packaging, flexible carton, roll label and mail-order & fulfillment industries.


Free & Open Source Manufacturing Enterprise Resource Package. Building on PRIMAC's legacy, we have now changed the rules for Manufacturing ERP. PRIMAC NESQ is a complete system for creating, modifying and maintaining custom applications.

Enterprise Resource Planning for Manufacturing (MERP)

Having flexibility and control in your manufacturing processes is the key to extracting maximum productivity in your business. Primac’s Print Manufacturing Resource Management ERP solution contains a full suite of modules that comprehensively cover all aspects of managing your production jobs throughout the enterprise. All modules are flexible and tightly integrated. PRIMAC’s production planning suite of products are designed for the enterprise and are focused on specific departmental tasks.

Shop Floor Information System

SFIS provides touch screen and barcode driven Time & Material (T&M) postings track all your job costs down to the serial number of the raw materials posted.

Job Costing System

The heart of PRIMAC, it provides full absorption and tracking of job costing across cost centers, departments and plants.

Production Scheduling

Take control of your due dates and your daily production planning meetings. Know the status of each component of your job.

Job Ticket

We can create a customized electronic job ticket. Reduce chances of error and wastage of time and view your workticket on any device.

Order Processing

Order fulfillment for manufacturers who produce, stock and distribute finished goods. Handle and track complex orders with ease.

Print Job Estimating

Flexible system for estimating time and materials for print jobs, including books, roll label, sheetfed, and other types of multi-component print jobs.

Inventory Control

PRIMAC's Inventory Control System (ICS) is a powerful system to manage inventory costs. You can track your most important costs that cannot be neglected or left to guess work. Extracting the last penny from your production costs can be your most important competitive advantage. From tracking inventory demands, through purchasing and all the way through consumption of the inventory, the Inveontory Control System take the guess work out of managing your inventory. Includes a full line of additional modules to manage your inventory.

Barcode Inventory Tracking

Accelerate data entry and virtually eliminate incorrect keystroke entries using our new Intermec based android scanning gun.

Purchase Order & Requisition

Comprehensive job materials and outside purchase requisition system built to track purchase orders tied to jobs and invoices.

WIP Skid & Content Locator

Real time work in progress (WIP) tracking of finished and semi-finished materials throughout the plant from production to finishing.


Tracking of financial informaiton including revenue, expenses and job costs in a complext enterprise structure. Includes a General Ledger, Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable systems.


Inventory Tracking App for Android

We have now released our new Barcode tracking device that runs on the industrial Intermec CN-51 scanners and it is an Android App. That means that it also campatible with millions of Android phones and devices.

PRIMAC in the Cloud

No need for your own servers or infrastructures. PRIMAC on the cloud is now available as an EC2 instance on the Amazon Web Services cloud. No need for upfront infrastructure costs, pay as you go and upgrade when you need.

PRIMAC-NESQ Under Development

Building on PRIMAC's legacy, NESQ is an open source version of PRIMAC based on MongoDB, NodeJS, and AngularJS. Released under GPLv3, it is a complete framework for customizing it for your needs.